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We want to see communities everywhere in the world provided data in complete safety and in privacy to better inform those decisions made to protect health and well-being


We provide self-reporting tools to better inform effective strategies, through employee engagement and societal resilience, on pandemic management, economic recovery, safeguarding


We are inspired by the humanitarian imperative and recognise that socially responsible companies are needed more and more now to make the world a better place


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Today we partner with the NHS to protect our country!

Our revolutionary Corona-Help.UK system has been feeding data into Project OASIS, the brand new NHS pandemic data lake. This involves providing vital information the government needs to continue managing the pandemic.

Thanks to groundbreaking technology, this easy, safe and entirely voluntary tool allows the UK population to anonymously volunteer vital information needed to better inform sometimes life-saving decision making.

How does this work:

  1. Go to https://corona-help.uk/
  2. We will ask you to provide only the first half of your postcode
  3. You can report anonymously on symptoms and other information relevant to the NHS

How the data is used:

  • To better inform the government on the effectiveness of its containment measures
  • To identify in real-time – through geolocation to postcode area – hotspots where symptoms are reported 
  • To direct the deployment of mobile Covid-19 testing teams 
  • To direct individuals with symptoms to the nearest testing facility

What We Do

The Key is a brand new world leader in health, work and humanitarian data management. We are presently assisting the NHS in its frontline battle against COVID-19. Established by entrepreneurs, software engineers and humanitarians with decades of crisis management experience, we help safeguard and protect people by effectively navigating each element of the crisis.

Our data is trusted and used by both the NHS and UK Government. Get the same system for yourselves and stay alert:

The Key supports pandemic management globally collecting and analysing real-time data for front-line decision makers.

Over 1 billion people may be infected by coronavirus worldwide.


We are inspired by the humanitarian imperative and recognise that socially responsible companies must make the world a better place


People everywhere should be able to provide data in safety and with complete privacy to inform decisions that protect their health and well-being

Our Key Products


Corona-Help is an NHS assessed and approved conversational chatbot for collecting and analysing data across either regions or entire nations for every decision maker engaged in pandemic management.

The system is anonymous and end-to-end encrypted yet provides real-time insights into symptom hotspots or areas where social distancing policies for example are not being effective. Corona-Help ensures accurate decisions on the rapid targeting of COVID-19 testing and the selective application of shielding measures so that normal life can be safely resumed after lockdown.


Worksafe is a conversational chatbot-based data collection and decision making tool for ensuring employee engagement in safely restarting and sustaining business continuity. Based on our NHS assessed and approved Corona-Help.UK chatbot, the system is still voluntary and privacy centric, and meets NHS clinical safety and GDPR data protection and security standards.

Company systems can be rapidly built as well as specifically tailored and deployed in a matter of days for employee engagement with a wide range of real-time turnkey or in-house data analysis options.


LocalSafe is a rapidly deployable, proven and low-cost system to enable local government, local educational authorities and others to make nuanced, evidence-based decisions.

Matched with the significant technology, healthcare and crisis management expertise of our team, and complementary to other systems, the aim of LocalSafe is to reduce uncertainty and identify significant local variations.

The Tech
...an introduction

Our easy-to-use chatbots are underpinned by a groundbreaking new technology with superior levels of accessibility, usability, and scalability capable of handling millions of simultaneous users without any impact on performance. Furthermore, embedded in an ultra-lightweight mobile-first url, they do not require users to download any app on their telephones or computers and ensures active and easy interaction. The url where the chatbot is hosted is also accessible from very low bandwidth mobile connections and data is analysed and presented in real-time to decision makers on dashboards or through an API.

Open Data Dashboard

Click the image below to open the Google Open Data Dashboard…

Our Key Clients

Questions save lives

Our Key Clients

Questions save lives
Public Sector

We serve Governments, Health Systems, Multilateral Agencies providing an NHS assessed and approved, anonymous and voluntary suite of highly scalable conversational chatbots and real-time data analysis that rapidly collects data and analyses and presents insights in real-time to track COVID-19, assess compliance with social distancing and shielding policies, understands health, social and economic impacts, enables national and local authorities and healthcare institutions to protect their employees, citizens and patients, and safely to restart economic activity. Our system has been in use by the NHS since 27 March 2020.

Private Sector

We support businesses globally to safely restart and sustain business continuity. Our real-time employee and customer engagement decision tools provide companies with the data and evidence needed to create a safe workplace whilst sustaining operations through the continuing pandemic. Our NHS assessed and approved, clinically safe and privacy centric conversational chatbots enable real-time self-reporting on risk factors such as underlying health conditions and coronavirus symptoms. Our worksafe system provides businesses, customers and employees with THE KEY to deliver economic growth safely, despite all risks posed by COVID-19.   

Nonprofit Sector

We partner with humanitarian organisations, domestic and international NGOs and those on the frontline or in low income and developing countries fighting COVID-19. Aid agencies estimate that over one billion people may be infected by coronavirus globally. Evidence suggests the most vulnerable are those with underlying health conditions and affected by economic and social deprivation. Our assessed and approved, clinically safe, voluntary and privacy-centric data collection and decision-tools are THE KEY to identifying and protecting those most at risk wherever they may be – in care homes, refugee camps, conflict zones or high density living conditions.

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