Key People

Begun by a small tight group of volunteers in response to the UK Corona crisis, our teams move fast around the world using their serious local as well as global influence.

We are fresher, faster, safer, true.

James Fennell, MBE

Founder & CEO

Fennell is a well known humanitarian problem solver, crisis manager and high-tech visionary who has worked across world in defence and security, risk management, international relations and GovTech for the private sector, non profits and the British government.

Sean Lowrie


Lowrie has 30-year’s experience in humanitarian aid where he is a respected visionary and entrepreneur.  He has front-line experience in complex emergencies, and expertise in strategy, social impact, business models and system change.  Most recently he created a global humanitarian movement, The Start Network.

Simon Diggins OBE


Diggins is an innovative strategic consultant and operational manager with 35 years senior military, healthcare and diplomatic experience. Comfortable with any kind of complexity or risk in difficult environments, he is both a profound thinker and easy to work with.

Dom Morris
Dom Morris

Data Fusion

Morris has worked in several conflict zones as well as on welfare reform and domestic politics. He is a stabilisation, security and justice expert and brilliant at both implementing and evaluating. He possesses exceptional energy.

Peter Bach

Head of Culture

Bach is a global consultant, filmmaker, writer and digital producer who has worked in both feature films and several conflict zones, his specialities include digital harmony, tribes, swift information gathering techniques and strong interpersonal skills.

Jani Laakso


Laakso is a former Silicon Valley software developer now working out of Finland. He is an expert on product development strategy, especially the technical side, project management, architecture / infrastructure, security and leading DevOps and software engineering processes.

George Cooke


Cooke is a former sales and marketing director who has worked for market-leading companies all across Europe and the United Kingdom.

Key Advisors

David Orban

Tech Visionary,
Founder at Network
Society, Start-up
Seed Investor.

Fredrik Ronnlund
Fredrik Ronnlund

COO and Chairman
at Leadoo MT and
Co-Founder of The

Nell Watson

Tech Ethicist at IEEE,
Researcher and
Machine Intelligence

Joanna Zadkovich
Joanna Zadkovich

Leadership Advisory
and Executive
Development at Eric

Dr. Michelle Tempest
Dr. Michelle Tempest

Physician, Author:
‘Big Brain Revolution’
and Partner at

Anabel Gomez
Anabel Gomez

Anabel Gomez has worked in the non-profit global health sector for almost two decades. She has worked on programs worldwide focused on a number of areas such as family planning and reproductive health and HIV.